Developing the Self and Employability

To understand the employability skills, it is imperative to assess the job of an officer in the Human Resource Department of an organization. A human resource officer undertakes duties such as the evaluation of jobs, planning of the organization, planning of the manpower available, selection and recruitment of new employees, employee services, development and training of the current employees and termination of employment.The academic requirements for this job entail the applicant possessing a Bachelors’ Degree in a relevant field. Some organizations require a person to be a holder of any degree. However, having a degree in Psychology, Law, Management or having any other business-related degree increases the chances of someone getting a job in the human resource department. In some organizations, a person who applies for a job as an officer in the Human Resource Department may need to have some experience in either a technical or a scientific field. This depends on the nature of operations that the organization undertakes (Inkson et al, 2012, p. 325).Employability skills are a set of skills that an individual seeking a job needs to possess so that an organization may employ them (Briscoe, Hall amp. Frautschydemuth, 2006, p. 31). These skills support the subject knowledge and the good understanding of the technicalities that the job requires, and employers look out for them when they interview potential employees. Employability skills are those skills that will equip a worker so that they are able to carry out the specific roles that their employers have assigned to them to their best (Hall, 2004, p. 7).I undertook an MBTI test. An MBTI test is an essential tool for assessing whether a person is suited for a specific job or career and it is among the most widely used personality assessment tests.

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