Definition of family

This essay discusses that there prevailed among the American whites a form of monogamy easily terminable on both sides, which was called the pairing family. The issue of the married pair was known to everybody knew and identified by everyone: there was without a doubt who was to be referred to as father, mother, daughter, son, sister or a brother. However, these names were in fact used rather in a different way. The man not only referred to his own young ones as his daughters and sons but also the kids of his brothers, and they referred to him as the father. The kids of his sisters, on the other hand, he referred to them as his nephews and nieces, and they referred to him as their uncle. In the modern world, it is very hard to define family. This is so because parents nowadays have little influence on their children. Children are mostly influenced by their peers and also by the media. Children are influenced negatively by whatever they learn on the television and on the internet. Parents have also delegated the duty of molding their children to teachers. It becomes very hard for a teacher having several pupils to monitor and tutor each and every pupil closely. Parents spend most of their time working. This means there is no or less family time. There has also been a case of neglect of children by parents leading to the suffering of children. This has led to children being sent to foster homes. Hence it can be concluded that family is anyone who gives you a sense of belonging, care, love, and protection.

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