Defending beauty as in Whats wrong with beauty and being beautiful

al – referring to the professional environment. a careful review of the conditions of a specific workplace can lead to the assumption that beauty can be a powerful tool supporting the communication but it is not a criterion for the professional development – neither of the males nor of the females. The issue of beauty and its influence on the various aspects of personal, social and professional life has been examined in the literature and the empirical research. Indicatively, we could refer to the study of Derenne et al. (2006, 257) who noticed that ‘throughout history, the ideal of beauty has been difficult to achieve and has been shaped by social context. current mass media is ubiquitous and powerful, leading to increased body dissatisfaction among both men and women. parents need to limit children’s exposure to media, promote healthy eating and moderate physical activity, and encourage participation in activities that increase mastery and self-esteem’. In other words, personal perceptions on beauty are likely to be developed – at their primary stage – during the early years of the human life. the images of the media and the press can influence the perceptions of children on beauty and lead them to the development of specific assumptions regarding the power of beauty and its role in the various aspects of personal and social life. Current paper focuses on the examination of the various aspects of beauty as a tool for the achievement of specific personal targets. beauty is related with a series of achievements in the professional and the social life but not for the reason that could be primarily thought of. Beauty – in opposition with the views of Wolf in her book Beauty Myth – is not the final target of males and females in countries across the international community. it is rather the tool of the achievement of such targets (either in the short or the long term).The influence of beauty on a person’s psychology cannot be doubted. In a

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