Cystic Fibrosis Community Assessment

a) Sex and Age: This is a heterogeneous community comprising of both males and females in almost equal ratios. Majority of the members are adults and are married. b) Income levels: Most individuals in this community are in the middle class and lower class. Many live within $10 a day.c) Occupations: With a few exceptions of white collar jobs, over 60% of the working class categories do the blue collar jobs. However, most women are merely house-wives.d) Educational levels: Most adults of the age above 50 years have elementary education, especially the women. The youths are quite learned and most are in colleges.e) Ethnic identities: Ethnically, this community is fairly heterogeneous. Half of the population is composed of the Whites. The next lager ethnic is Hispanic Americans. The Asian-Americans are the least. f) Family structures: Most families are nuclear. a few are extended. However, single parent homes consisting of widows and unmarried mothers are very commong) Lifestyle behaviors that influence health status: Poor eating habits by most individuals suffering from Cystic Fibrosis have always worsened their conditions by igniting Diabetes. The youths who engage in drug and substance abuse and unprotected sex also risk serious health problems.h) Health status: The prevalence of Cystic Fibrosis has rendered most people sicki) Health concerns: It is always very hard for the lay community to identify the symptoms of CF, thus, suffer for a quite a long time before diagnosis.

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