Current Trends in the Tourist Infrastructure Development

Mr. Brian Summers believes that the success in this economy lies in putting the visitor at the heart of the tourism industry. A global comparison is a factor for visitors’ choice of destinations and world-class experience is expected. Visitors yearn for excitement, foods, and drinks and to shop. They enjoy more, when the places are clean, safe and attractive, with good roads and clear signage. As effective advertising, a visitor has to be encouraged to come back and tell others of their wonderful experience. In March 2007, the Tourism West Midlands (TWM) gathered at the NEC for the annual conference and the presence of more than 200 businesses could attest to the fact that their growth effort in this industry is found to be significant. On April 1, 2007, TWM was restructured, to make it the single official lead strategic body. New members, who were mostly senior decision-makers in their own rights, were duly welcomed. Among other issues taken up were focused on their main priorities. They appreciated the continuance of the support of the specialist businesses in tourism, to be undertaken by the Regional Centre for Tourism Business Support through the Brokerage service. They saw the need to manage more effectively in countering climate change and they can expect a great deal of support by way of grants. Marketing schemes will be reviewed and the importance of clearer advertising shall be promoted. The improvement of low skill levels, such as chefs and customer service staff are vital, which can be addressed by the Learning and Skills Councils. Being a focal point for the region’s tourism industry, the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games will be able to bring in a sizeable number of tourists. They intend to support the role that sub-regional partnerships play in campaigning for their destinations with the hope that tourists will stay longer. Many iconic tourist attractions are being refurbished, inasmuch as Advantage West Midlands (AWM) and other partners continue to invest millions for such a purpose.

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