Culture and the International Context

The aim is to extract uniform operations and servicing principles for ease of work and improved productivity. The H.R practices are one area that has reformed and changed with the concept of international ventures. Culture would naturally vary as the organization jumps from one country to another and one environment to another. Knowing the people’s mindset, knowing their inclination, adjusting to their likes and dislikes all entail in the carries of globalization under the umbrella of the cultural aspect. The global practices are gift of the latter part of the twentieth century, and more predominantly they came to forth in form of effort by George Modelski(reference) who for the first time came up with the term globalization and the kind of business practices that are undertaken beyond borders and expanded over various parts of the world. This form of business operations has changed the overall dynamics of how operations are being held now and were being held before. An important factor considered is that of the culture and differences in terms of the culture and people’s orientation towards particular events and elements. Other proponents of the field of management and global operations have also contributed to the explanation and narration of the concept of global businesses. these proponents include Castells, Waters Guillen etc.

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