Crosscultural Design Issues

This section aims to address the specific aspects and elements, which are needed when analysing websites. in order to be able to understand to what extent the designs exhibit variations that relate to cultural differences.In the second part, a framework of Hofstedes analysis is applied to Astra Company. It aims to analyse the cultural content of the web sites at perceptual and behavioural levels. This framework introduces different dimensions of culture, and the affects these may have in user- interface designs.Astra Web Design Company was establish by an extremely motivated group of marketing managers, software designers in addition to developers in 2001. The company is situated in the USA by means of other offices mutually in Western and Eastern Europe.The companys services variety from web improvement packages and modified e-commerce solutions to business identity growth and promotional services. Astra Web Design Company has recognized itself as a manager in web design and web expansion. No doubt, the huge strength of the company lies in huge experience and extensive know-how in designing, rising and Internet Marketing for customers in varied industry areas.If we analyzed then we come to know that the World Wide Web allows a worldwide sharing of products and services as well as communication amongst users from dissimilar cultures and languages all over the earth. Many efforts are at present being made by more than a few organizations to house variations among the Internet users such as their cultural meeting, languages, etc.Moreover, culture can be generally defined as the behaviors, way of thoughts, traditions and beliefs that differentiate the members of one group from an additional. Several difference may exist flanked by different cultures. Such difference may be found in colors, graphics and icons, etc., and can have an effect on the sympathetic of the website and its functionality. In exacting, users from dissimilar cultures may appreciate

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