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Critique writing Critique writing anxiety tends to increase during the last days of the semester. It is clear from the article that students flock University library during the end of semester so that they can study and prepare for final exams. For instance, n Texas Austin, the university library operates 24 hour to give students more time to study and prepare themselves. In an attempt to assist relieve the stress and depression that comes with finalizing the semester, stress-relieving lesions, and massage therapy are provided to students (Byrd, 2004).
The emails and frequent visits to the lecturer focus on final exam and written papers or essays in Brazilian Portuguese language. Students tend to discuss with the lecturer about their grades. This is disheartening because a tutor can comment on student’s grades before final exams have been done. The author argues that students in Brazilian Portuguese language tend to think about their grades or result than their counterparts in America. In America, students do not discuss their grades or results instead they accept their scores and do not challenge their tutor on any grade or result.
What is significant to note about American students is that they have bad classroom manners in the sense that they arrive late, turning in homework after the deadline and even answer cell phones. For them, grade is not a big issue to worry. In other universities such as MIT, students are encouraged to work hard (Byrd, 2004). What is disheartening is that students all over the world are concerned about getting good grades even if it means cheating in exam or being dishonest.
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