Critique Quantitative of this Journal Estrogen Plus Progestin and Breast Cancer Incidence and Mortality in the Womens Health

Breast Cancer on Mortality Rate Breast Cancer on Mortality Rate Critiquing research involves analyzing both the strengths and weaknesses on a piece of research work in the journal. The research on Estrogen plus progestin and Breast Cancer Incidence and Mortality in the Women’s Health, the author credibility is worth. In the abstract, the author has given an overview of the research, the context in which the research was done, the purpose and the objectives and the target population. In addition the author has highlighted the design used, the methodology, the methods of data collection, the sample and the population targeted. More importantly are the results of the finding, discussion and the conclusion. The brief and elaborated background has been highlighted showing how the problem has been, its origins and the extents to which several attempts, have been put in place to avert the problem. In targeting the population of women who were the main participant, a sample of age 50 years to 70 was chosen. The methods that were used to collect data were interviews and the questionnaire. The use of more than one method increases the accuracy of the phenomenon under the study. Data was collected through these methods and summarized through graphs and tables for clear analysis. The result would be considered accurate because the baseline was conducted to understand the situation before the actual study was done.The results were reliable because other researchers could use the same methods to get the results. The conclusion was made based on the findings. The author observed clear and logical report with a list of references at the end to verify the sources.

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