But on the other hand, a clinically depressed patient would be one who has immersed himself either in grief, self pity, worthlessness, anger, helplessness and even very low self esteem.In such over the top cases great care and understanding should be shown to a person suffering from such depression as this may lead to a suicide attempt. Depression not only affects our mental state of health but it also affects our physical state. In fact it affects every aspect of our lives – from the way we eat or sleep to the way we interact with everybody around us.2nd biggest cause of death. Depression is more than a feeling of down or low – it affects our thinking, working, our behavior, our emotions and physical health. Clinical depression is a whole body disorder resulting from a great loss or trauma and as such has to be treated diligently. Dysthymia is a type of depression that is a lot worse than a major depressive disorder and takes a longer time to cure, usually around a year. Dysthymia is characterized if a person has many of the symptoms of major depressive disorders but these symptoms may not be so severe. Many of the professionals feel that a person having Dysthymia disorder is very likely to get into a major depressive disorder.A person going through depression could be easily recognized by the following symptoms – Generally they lose their zest for life and show lack of interest and enthusiasm and enjoyment for their day to day activities. Some of them exhibit a loss of appetite while others eat excessively and put on lot of weight suddenly.Anxiety seems their key word and they have a total lack of concentration. In other words they seem to be lost in no man’s land. They suddenly complain of chronic pain and loss of memory. A depressed person shows a lapse in personal hygiene and has uncomfortable sleep patterns ranging from very poor sleep to no sleep at

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