Critically discuss what you believe to be the greatest influences/causes of youth crime and identify some of the proposed solutions

The problem will remain as an unsolved problem, if people do not define the main roots and mechanisms of youth crime. Only right preventive arrangements can be real arm against youth crime.Nowadays youth crime is determined by social and economic structure of society. Youth crime is a companion of every society, that is characterized by usual social events, such as unemployment, uncertainty in life, difficulties in getting education. All these factors influence on young generation greatly. Also drug addiction and gaming are the substantial factors for the development of youth crime. It is worth mentioning that Mass media has a great impact on people, especially on children and teenagers, and that is why it can be considered to be one of the factors that influences on formation of thoughts and opinions. It is a well-known fact that Mass media and other means of information do not always suggest positive things to think about.Trying to define the main causes of youth crime many scientists distinguish psychological and microsocial factors. Others explain that youth crime growth is determined by sexual revolution, family crisis and youth subcultures. There are some theories which insist on constitutional bias towards violence, national and race peculiarities.Generally speaking the very roots of youth crime are connected with bad breeding, negative events in family. The age peculiarities, such as lack of life experience, inclination to imitation, difficulties in evaluating the life situations, emotional instability and so on, increase the risk of adopting negative things, while being in bad surrounding. Especially this happens if there is no control from parents and educational establishments. A great majority of young crimes is from the families with the low level of parents’ education (Hirschi T.) .Speaking about the causes of youth crime more in detail it should be mentioned

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