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Corporate and business law – Letter of complaint about defective goods Through Marie Mary, P.O Box009876 United Kingdom Matt Walters P.O Box 002333 United Kingdom REF: INFORMATION PERTAINING THE CLAIM OF THE FAULTED FREEZER FRIDGES Dear Matt, I am sorry for your predicament in the purchase of a faulty fridge. I am writing to inform you of your rights and privileges in the attached document. If you feel unsatisfied with the information given, feel free to contact me through the address above. Yours sincerely, Marie Mary Consumer Protection Act is designed to protect the interest of consumer from faulty and harmful products. The extent of the damage of the product classifies into either minor damage or serious damage (Nebraska Continuing Legal Education, Inc, &amp. Nebraska State Bar Association, 1995, 77). If the damage is minor, the buyer has an obligation to return the product to the seller for mending, replacement, price cutback, or even refund depending on the case. When the damage proves serious, the buyer is allowed to refuse the product and annul the contract (Harvard business review, 2007, p.67). In cases where the seller is reluctant to act towards correcting the mistake, the buyer can terminate the contract and demand refund. Manufactures with warrantees also give consumers a bargaining edge in case of faulty products (United Kingdom Business Law Association &amp. Academy of Legal Studies in Business, 1963, p.243). Consumers must endeavor to know their rights despite the notices displayed on purchasing shops to discourage return or refund. The claim for refund sometimes proves complex depending on some factors such as the time span that the buyer has owned the goods and the warranty given, the extent of the damage, the loss as a result of the fault. If a product breakdown is in the first 6 months of purchase, then the assumption is that the product was faulty from the time the seller gave it to the buyer. However, in situations where the purchaser is responsible for the loss then the seller is not liable (Eisa, 2009, p.119).&nbsp. When the buyer requests for repair of the damaged product, the repair should be permanent. If the buyer remains unhappy with the seller’s services and plans to sue him/her, the buyer needs to small claims process. Notably, the seller should charge the buyer if he is responsible for the damage caused on the product (Snyder, 2003, p.113).&nbsp. If the buyer chooses replacement, the item should be of the same quality or same value with the original product. If the replaced item is cheaper than the original item, the buyer proves liable for refund. The buyer never pays more than the original price in case of repair unless he/she is responsible for the damage (Satz, 2010, p.231).&nbsp. If the buyer chooses refund, vouchers and credit notes should never be an option as it devalues the remitted to the seller (Snyder, 2003, p.626).&nbsp. If the consumer opts to sue the seller, he should use the small claim process as long as the product costs below €2,000. The process should take place at the local district court near the parties involved, at a fee of €25. If the buyer bought the goods through a debit or a credit card, he can use the drawback methods to reverse the payment of the goods. provided he contacted the service provider instantaneously (Keenan &amp. Riches, 2007, p.339). The buyer should also note that his or her right is limited in case he purchases a product and realized that he/she does not need it (Matthew Bender (Firm), 1990, p.23). Although, most sellers might offer to exchange the good for the customers, this should be taken as goodwill and not an obligation. The seller has the right to request proof which can take the form of a receipt, credit or debit card statements. If the customer acquired the good through gift, he/she should consult the buyer of the gift for a gift receipt in case of any faults (Deege, 2002, p.123). Matt Walters P.O Box 002333 United Kingdom Life is Good Merchandiser, P.O Box 000003334, United Kingdom Reference: IMEI: 35367284940950598 LG FRIDGE FREEZERS WORTH ?899.99 Dear Madam, Through Marie Mary, The Legal Advisor, On 15th of November 2012, I&nbsp.placed an order for and an LG fridge freezer worth ?899.99 and received it on the 25th of November 2012. I have realized that the fridge has the following problem: the power cable melts when the fridge stays on for more than one hour, and leaks from the backside (Washington State Bar Association, 1992, p.112). I would also appreciate if you verify whether you will make arrangements for the collection of the LG fridge freezer worth ?899.99 or you will compensate me for the charge of bringing it back. I am patiently expecting for your feedback. 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