Contemporary Research for Health Nursing Schools

Specific Project Goals
1. To ascertain the current staffing needs of the facility
2. To relate the staffing needs of the faculty to resources available to the facility
3. To analyze the role that worker motivation plays in enhancing productivity
4. To discuss the impact of staff-patient ratio on healthcare delivery
Value of the Project
From both the student and organizational viewpoint, the present research is going to be very useful in coming to terms with the actual staffing situation on the ground and how this can be corrected through the effective human resource management system.
Plan of Action (the stages of the project):the present research is

A lot of secondary data shall be used. This means that the researcher shall make use of several literary works, which shall be in the form of credible academic journals and books on staffing. Copies of meeting minutes and anecdotal comments may also be used where necessary.

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