Conflicts of Personalities Case Study

Conflicts of Personalities: Case StudyWith regards to scenario one, the situation in which Amanda struggles with her fellow teacher with regards to what information is best imparted to the students utilizing what method, Amanda has a difficult choice of how to handle the given situation. Whereas conflicts of personalities and methods are common place within the workplace and within education, this particular conflict that has been elaborated upon is highly important due to the fact that the way in which it will be resolved, regardless of whose approach is taken, will directly impact the lives of a large number of students. In this way, seeking merely to take the path of least resistance or to keep the situation from escalating for fear of hurting feelings is not an alternative.Although the given case states that Maureen has been difficult to work with and has a very stubborn approach to how state standards should be treated, it is incumbent upon Amanda to speak out and seek to engage Maureen on the issue (Lee 2011). The fact remains that even though it may be uncomfortable to come to Maureen and discuss her concerns, it is the responsibly of Amanda as an educator to engage with Maureen first and seek to come to some form of resolution to this issue. Obviously, if such an approach has little no effect, it will be incumbent upon Amanda to seek out her supervisor as a means to provide some form of resolution.With respect to scenario 2, creating an environment that is reflective of the college experience, this will need to take place in a number of ways. not the least of which will be to ensure that the classroom is set up in a way that targets the student’s attention solely to the lecturer. As a function of this, the first step that should be instituted is to seek out a way to encourage class integration and participation without losing a sense of orderliness. Secondly, an expectation of professionalism should be made to pervade the classroom. All too often in the field of education there is a type of corporal punishment that hangs in the air with regards to this must be done or this given action will take place. Rather, a sense of having the desired action take place because it is expected and professional/right should be impressesed upon the students (Conley et al 2012). Lastly, with regards to the changes in curriculum, a higher degree of information and material that requires critical response, essay work, and free thinking must be incorporated. Rather than requiring a litany of rote memorization tasks, this will engage the students free thinking abilities and help to prepare them for the college experience that necessarily awaits them(Barber 2011). Each of these tasks will help. however, it is up to the teacher/educator to implement them in a way that does not take away from the core goals that are trying to be impressed as well as seeking to maintain a sense of order and discipline within the classroom.ReferencesBarber, P. (2011, January 1). The Importance of Academic Challenge in College Preparation of High School Honor Graduates. ProQuest LLC,Conley, D. T., amp. McGaughy, C. (2012). College and Career Readiness: Same or Different?. Educational Leadership, 69(7), 28-34.Lee, J. (2011). The price of transparency. Modern Healthcare, 41(51), 12-13.

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