Conflict Resolution and Stress At High School

The school administrator noticed a significant increase in the number of absenteeism among the special education staff. For this study, several strategies that could help improve the current situation will be outlined and thoroughly discussed.Employee involvement is considered as the voluntary employer-led initiatives that are designed to encourage the more active employee to participate in the organizational activities. (Caldwell, 1993) Basically, increasing employee involvement in the implementation of inclusion policy can minimize and prevent organizational conflicts.As part of the long list of benefits associated with the implementation of employee involvement and participation, Guest, Peccei amp. Thomas (1993) explained that the main reason for the need to implement employee involvement is to increase the level of employee commitment towards the organizational goals. It simply means that the school administrator could easily and effectively provide each employee with an extra role to perform within the school organization (Langan-Fox et al., 2002). Therefore, the school administrator could efficiently make use of the regular and special education teachers in order to increase the quality of education at Best High School.Promoting an open communication between the regular and special school teachers is one of the best strategies that could minimize stress and conflict at Best High School. Considering that the special education teachers failed to clearly communicate the importance and purpose of IEPs, it is likely that most of the regular education teachers would just ignore the pieces of paper handed to them by the special education teachers.

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