Comparisons between Tourism Websites

The biggest issues leading to customers’ disputes regarding the e-commerce services include any discrepancies between the advertised qualities of the tourisms’ merchandise or services and the perceptions customers get upon receiving such offered services and goods, possible and easy reach to the tourism industries’ customer care support by the customers, and the tourism policies that are not prominently displayed and/ or sufficiently communicated to the customers. In this respect, the Qatar Tourism Authority rates the highest. Qatar Tourism Authority website provides quick preview icons demarking each and every location with its suitable events i.e. meeting events, cultural practices, educational routine, sports, and leisure. In addition, there is the provision of activities/ events calendar that enables for effective time budgeting or scheduling. Qatar also provides its information in two languages (English and Arab), hence allowing for maximum readership. Second is Tourist Information UK Website, then Dubai Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing, and lastly the Jordan Tourism.Customers’ inquiries and disputes can significantly reduce in case there are an accurate description of products and services. prominent display of the customers’ service telephone numbers and email address. ensured development and communication of customer-friendly return, refund and cancellation policies. possibility of sending a pre-billing notification for recurring transactions. development of clear shipping policy and ensuring the possibility of access from each webpage. fully disclosing the billing practices. stating the transaction currency, stating home country, listing any export restrictions. developing and displaying the available privacy statements. purchasing a brand-name SSL Certificate and displaying their logo on the tourism website. institutional registration with the BBBOnLine and display their seal on the websites. and signing up with the secure security scan vendors and displaying logos on the websites.

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