College Entrance Exams

History claims that the concept of college entrance exams originated in ancient China. Imperial schools tested musical skills, archery, horsemanship, arithmetic, writing composition, and information regarding various ceremonies. (Hopkins 36-47). In America, the system of college entrance exams initiated in 1901. Later on, the Scholastic Aptitude Test or SAT came into the limelight owing to the convenient testing method is offered. Most of the test takers are middle to upper class, Caucasian, native English speaking males. The ideological foundations of SAT are deeply connected to the Army intelligence assessment criteria of Alpha and Beta tests (Hoffman and Katie 455-474). As mentioned before, different college admittance exams have been introduced one after the other and so, American College Testing or ACT entered the market following the popularity of SAT. This much becomes clear from the history that the standardized tests have come a long way since imperial times.There are different methods adopted by a range of colleges for weighing standardized test scores. Despite the fact that such admittance tests are considered a source for assessing the students’ respective skills, many colleges still do not require submission of ACT and SAT tests scores for admission. Today, these tests constitute a hot topic among the educationists in America. Many researchers argue that both the SAT and ACT are redundant, and unfair means of assessing the individual skills of minorities, women, and secondary English speakers. Even when college entrance exams are meant to predict an individual’s success by combining them with GPA and class rank, they are still judged to be problematic according to some research reports.That is the reason the educators are proposing subject matter testing to completely replace the reasoning tests, thus returning full circle to the college entrance exams that were originally introduced in ancient China and the U.S., as mentioned before.

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