Collapse of the Soviet Union

he US of masterminding the fall of this great republic as it was only the fall of the Soviet Union that would have made the US the sole superpower in the world.The Soviet Union utterly rejected the cultures and values of the west as they were in full control of their lives and it was not until the collapse of the republic that the individual countries that constituted the old republic begin to accept some norms and values of the west. The Soviet Union also were also advanced in the art of warfare and they were technologically advanced during that period and it was only very few countries that could match up with its strength.The collapse of the Soviet was unarguably one of the most controversial events of the twentieth century and the collapse of the Soviet bloc still has far-reaching consequences in the world today and the impacts would continue to be felt in the years that follow. Countries of the former Soviet Union have been really affected by the collapse of the bloc, while some countrieslike Russia and Estonia have come out of the Soviet Union strong, some like Armenia and Azerbaijan have grown weaker. The effect of the collapse on the countries of the Soviet Union shall be highlighted in this paper and it would help us to know the countries that were greatly affected by the collapse and the ones that the collapse had little or no effect on.Though, the Soviet Union collapsed in 1991, there had been cracks in the walls that held the republic together (Remnick 19). The collapse of the Soviet Union with its fortified walls shows that there is no great country, civilization or republic that cannot crumble and its fall is a lesson to other powers of the world, especially the superpower US. The Soviet Union looked so strong after the Second World War to the ninth decade of that century. The strength of the Soviet Union was made possible by the strong communist and totalitarian regime in the region at that time.The collapse of the Soviet Union happened

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