It will also be very important not to ignore the fact that principled negotiation is thorough in terms of the factors that are considered and the presentation of the various requirements of the software stakeholders.This is a technique that has proved to be effective for a person who intends to separate the problem from the stakeholders. For example, clients might not have the same computing background as the suppliers or developers. This implies that there should be a way through which the requirements can take into consideration the difference in the nature of the differences of the stakeholders if in any case the project is to become a success.This is a method that can also enable engineering of requirements to be based on the interests of the negotiators rather than their positions. Through focusing on the interests, a software developer might be able to determine the common ground for all the stakeholders. This is basically because he nature of the software that is developed will need to be in accordance to the requirements of the suppliers and the end users.This negotiation approach also allows for the invention of mutual gain. One thing about computers system is that they usually evolve with time. For instance, in this case it was discovered that the money that was availed by the government would not be sufficient for the required hardware for the necessary spreading of implementation functionality. Therefore, the negotiation process led to the division of the whole project into phases with the first phase being the most important one which was food control. The division into phases was a result of thorough study of the interests of the stakeholder and looking of the most appropriate way through which all the stakeholders would be satisfied even with the limited resources.The fact that people rarely change their positions,

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