Collaboration Photography

Collaboration Photography al Affiliation The setting of the photo shoot was trepid and the background and foreground from the pictureresulting thereof from the collaborative piece was bold and equal providing a vivid view of the object. The expression on the faces of the objects showed delight, an show of appreciation for the shoot out. The context of the photograph had been set out in the lands out in the field which provided a perfect scene for the shoot out with the fellow classmate.
The green tree seems solitary in the foreground against other trees, the brown ones on the background which from the outlook seem to have given up on their leaves which scatter to the ground. The scene is mechanical, and captivating at the same time, and through right angle shoots outs the object confronts the subject directly and the use of light and shadow brings more focus on the object. Though people consider black and white photography is often treated as the poor relation of color, it can make a photo look captivating.
A distraction brought out by color in the photo is eliminated by the use of the black and white photography. a studio brings out the best of the colors. In fact, the black and white boils to major concepts: removal of distraction, contrast, pattern, texture and lighting. Color photography unlike the black and white one does not effectively provide patterns, in fact, slight ones go unnoticed. On the other hand, a black and white Photoshop provides more vivid capturing patterns, as the viewer’s attention is more focused on the shapes formed by the elements in the scene.

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