While the company is actively using sponsorship as a marketing and promotion tool, the Coca-Cola’s market capitalization has decreased significantly after the death of its CEO, Roberto Coizueta in 1997. While in 2014 market capitalization of the Coca-Cola Company is 183, 99 billion dollars, the Coca-Cola Company has weaker financial position than it had 17 years ago.These values indicate that Coca-Cola Company is an organization aiming to maintain leadership position and also is striving to shape a better future (The Coca-Cola Company, n.d., n.p.). Collaboration value means that the company is focused on people and teamwork. By combining efforts and human resources the company leverages collective genius (The Coca-Cola Company, n.d., n.p.). The company is also promoting the corporate spirit and passion among its employees to the brand. The value of diversity stresses that the company is operating globally, and diversity at workplace and diversity of brands are two integral parts of the business. Also, the value of quality reveals that the company focuses not only on production of high quality products, but also on everything they do.Coca-Cola Company is involved in sponsorship of mega sports events such as the Olympic Games, The Rugby World Cup, the NFL, the Tour de France or Formula 1 for a quite long period of time (Nufer amp. Buhler 2010). Global sports events such as the Olympics and Rugby World attract people from all over the world and generate the target audience, which Coca-Cola Company is trying to reach, and establish in the minds of these people association of the sport event with the brand of the company (Nufer amp. Buhler 2010).Therefore, the company uses such events as marketing tools which enable it to improve the image and increase awareness of the company (Nufer amp. Buhler 2010). Sponsoring of big and attractive sporting events enables Coca-Cola to minimize

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