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At the long last, Alice get to meet the rabbit that takes her mind. The white rabbit mostly illustrated character in the book.The rabbit that she meets in a dream is wearing just like a human being. Being in a waistcoat, walking upright and speaking in English and a watch on its wrist are frightening. Alice wanted to know more about the rabbit and decided to follow him. Alice the fell into the hall that was on the way. The fall causes her to loose direction and becomes confused because she is not moving fast but feels as if she is floating on the air in the tunnel. She observed various reading materials as she fell slowly. On one of the shelf in the tunnel she sees jar of orange marmalade but it is empty and takes it back to the lower shelve. She is doing this as she is aware she may hit someone down the tunnel if she drops the jar.Alice experience with animals in the wonder world creates a good relationship with them. She feels as if she can serve the animals in the wonder world since they treat her as a servant. The white rabbit treats her as a housekeeper called Mary Ann. She thinks so as a white rabbit is instructing her to fetch him his gloves and fan.As she leaves her elder sister and follows the rabbit that is walking upright, dressed like a man and speaks in English. While still following the rabbit is when she falls into the tunnel. On the tunnel, she finds a key that she uses to open a door that although it was small she fits through it and finds herself in a beautiful garden (Carroll). On the garden, she finds a bottle instructing her to drink and a cake with an instruction that she it and she does so. The chapter is important to the reader as it gives the first interaction with an animal that is interactive in its human nature.Alice head after taking some fluids grows big. The growth is too large that it touches the ceiling. Her head makes her feel very uncomfortable (Carroll). She weeps so bitterly that she produces so many tears

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