Childhood obesity interventions

This essay Childhood obesity interventions describes the steps that should be taken in order to stop the obesity. Practices for the prevention of obesity are being followed by medical practitioners and there is hope that intervention will help to limit the problem and perhaps even reduce it. A strategy such as a change in the diet and the lifestyle of individuals is one of the main forms of strategies to fight obesity. Medical personal use various forms of surveys to gauge the effect of the diet and the lack of physical activity in a child’s life and then propose a diet and exercise plan which will help to cut down on fatty food and help improve health and overall quality of life. Other strategies are much more invasive such as surgery to remove the extra fat from the body but such actions are not taken lightly by doctors. Even if such treatment is taken into account then it must also be considered that if no proper care is taken in terms of diet and exercise then the child will again gain weight. Surgery can be traumatizing for the patient themselves and it may only last for a specific time period. Medication is also another method that can be used to reduce a child’s weight but this may be a cause of concern as the medication used can be quite draining. There may be long term side effects and if the medication is not taken then weight is gained once more. The National Institute of Health has a childhood obesity prevention named Childhood Obesity Prevention and Treatment Research which spends $49.5 million on research in order to find a way to prevent obesity.

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