Characters Comparison and their Contrasts

The essay Characters Comparison and their Contrasts explores the reasons why some people choose to remain imprisoned in their own reality. The paper also argues if it is better for people to be open-minded enough in order to see the benefits that new ideas have to offer to the society.In The Insider, Jeffrey Wigand and Bergman possess the quality of the imprisoned man who escaped to find reality. However, CBS corporate which chose to remain chained feared for the multi-billion dollar suit almost stopped their quest. Here, it is evident that some people choose not to escape to reality because of the monetary rewards or consequences it would bring them. Sometimes, chained people would rather choose to skip reality because of factors that would threaten their condition and survival. Nonetheless, the movie showed that it would be most beneficial for the society as a whole to expose reality and that, some people have already been successful in doing so. In choosing between Stockman and Wigand in terms of escaping from the chains to expose reality, the former did better. First, Stockman’s disposition in handling the problem was very firm and did not for once hesitate to present what he believed is right for the society. compared to Wigand who was still hesitant at the start regarding his expose and had almost left it hanging by passing the responsibility to another person, Mr. Bergman. Second, Stockman was better since upon detecting the problem, nothing had stopped him from continuing his quest. to continue his ques

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