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Both sort of parenting has been discussed in this chapter of the book (Blau, Ferber and Winkler). One is a family structure of those individuals, who earn bread and butter for their kids on their own without life partners. Most specifically, mothers playing their roles as fathers as well in their kids` lives. Second, are those where both husbands and wives play equal role in regulating domestic economies for their homes. Marriage provides opportunities to avail various economic advantages. It is because it lower downs economic burden from the shoulders of the man, only if woman equally supports her husband financially (Blau, Ferber and Winkler). Marriage reduces financial risk in a way, if one spouse loss his or her job due to some accidental circumstances, other partner can help maintaining the economical conditions (Blau, Ferber and Winkler). Also, marriage offers a legal protection to both man and woman living a society, where legal protection is considered foremost.In addition, despite lots of advantages and supports journey with a life partner is not that easy as assumed by many unmarried people. This chapter highlights the incidents of divorce faced by many unlucky individuals of the world. Undoubtedly, husband and wife both share their economical burden during the socialization process of their children, but when a partner started feeling unnecessary economical participation in the home and still experiences no reward, than such an individual seeks happiness in divorce (Blau, Ferber and Winkler). Moreover, as far as unmarried individuals are concern, it has observed that they look for suitable partners for themselves, who could share their financial resources as well as other necessities of life. Here, role and financial status of male individual considered an important concern (Blau, Ferber and Winkler). Also, today in our society homosexual

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