Change and leadership management

However, it might be possible only if the leader may act tactfully and motivate the employees towards working in order to improve the productivity and image of the organization in the entire market, in-spite of varied types of changes. Only then, the image and profit margin of the organization might get enhanced in the market among other rival players. Moreover, if the changes might be handled in an effective way then the popularity and equity of the organization may be enhanced thereby amplifying its competitiveness in the market to a certain extent in long run among others.This essay is divided into five phases that highlight the significance of leadership within an organization. Along with this, it also highlights the role of leadership within a change management situation with the help of models like Kotters 8 steps, Lewin’s change management model. The paper seeks to facilitate an understanding that there is a need to select an individual with good leadership skills who has the perfect kind of drive needed to increase the profits and the sustainability of the organization to stay competitive above its peers. To get a superior understanding of the sort of effective leadership and management, the paper will incorporate the description of modes of operation of the company Biogen Idec Incorporated. The company deals with biotechnology products that may include drugs for autoimmune disorders, neurological disorders and cancer. The company experiences direct competition from similar biotechnological companies such as Serono, Novartis and Teva. This makes it necessary that leadership strategies are placed to guarantee they stay above these competing companies in the same platform.For the purpose of surviving in this competitive era, leadership is the most essential requirement. As it acts as a weapon not only stimulate the profit margin and productivity of an organization but also to mitigate varied

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