Carl Marx Labor Maifesto

Developing countries, such as Africa, also are seeing the formation of this large gap (Kretzmann).
This inequality must urgently be addressed before we fall so far into poverty that the lower class will not be able even to survive. To find the solution to this, we must turn to our own history and the concepts of Marxism. Capitalism has been the way for much of the modern world, and it has long been held up as the ultimate solution to economic problems. As Marx and Engels argued in the Communist Manifesto, this solution is not working, and it has not been working for quite some time. Something new must be found to pave a way forward. Marx argued in a time when economics was uncertain and the future of many frightening. We are at this point again, and the systems that have kept us safe are no longer enough.
Large businesses and rich men continue to grow in industry, preventing smaller businesses from gaining a foothold or from competing within the market. These large businesses, with their efficiency and research, employ many workers at first. however, as time progresses, technology is developed to undermine their position. The development of more efficient practices, better technology, and streamlined processes all result in the same outcome, a decrease in the number of people employed.
Businesses are no longer seeking the best interests of their consumers or their staff. Instead, they are focused only on their own profits, expanding to new markets quickly and removing any competition that stands in their way. For workers, the image is bleak. The more businesses try to cut costs, the less people are hired. Unless something changes, the situation as it stands today will only degrade. A solution must be found and it must be found now.
As Marx and Engels argued for the uniting of the workers of the world, so we must once more make this call, too. In the Communist Manifesto, they forwarded the concept of communism, they stated that

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