Capitalism Barrier for the Movement

Earlier the scientists thought that the solution to pollution is dilution. The early scientists who were concerned with the environmental changes believed that substances such as carbon dioxide and water vapor only absorbed heat in the atmosphere (Oreskes &amp. Conway p2). It is during this time that countries like the United Kingdom, United States, Germany, Brazil, and China had the largest producer of carbon dioxide. To the early environmental scientists, the atmosphere was considered an immortal sink that could handle whatever was thrown at it. It was only later that man’s impact on the planetary environment was realized. It was at this same time that water vapor and carbon dioxide was considered the cause of global warming. Due to the inquisitive nature of scientists, it was realized some substances even in low concentrations had an astounding impact on the environment. One such chemical was DDT, which was found to affect the reproductive health of birds, fish, and mammals that were even in the Arctic.
After scientists realized and confirmed that carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gasses had a discernible impact and could lead to climate change, agencies and organizations to fight climate change were formed. The human population that came to know of the impact of such gasses and dire consequence they possess if not stopped immediately were moved and soon people have begun to push. To many scientists, the year 1988 is considered to be the Penumbral period.

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