Business to Business Marketing

The branding is limited and the awareness is on the low scale among the individual customers. However, some marketing and branding strategies like online advertising in B2B portals, participating in Trade fair, corporate interviews, selective advertising in business channels and industrial magazines, etc. The basic concept of marketing is the same here but with little modification. Business to business marketing all about creating relationships and maintain it properly within the business partners. In this field that is. in industrial marketing or business to business marketing the government organizations, manufacturing, companies, service providers are involved. There is no direct relation between individual end users. Consumer behavior, product quality, pricing, and transportation play an important role. The creating of corporate relations is the key factor in this marketing module. More relations mean more options for having more clients. This paper will discuss the basics of business to business marketing, marketing mix, positioning, marketing strategies, etc. In business to business marketing, the customer is an organization instead of an individual end user, and that is the main distinguishing characteristics of the business to business organizations from the business to customer organizations (Brennan, Canning, and McDowell, 2010). There are many differences between the consumer market and the business market.

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