Business Resources

In corporate and large organizations, well defined resource management teams are appointed to ensure optimum allocation of all resources and to avoid over or under allocation of same resources in multiple projects at a time. In this paper, allocation and management of human, technical, physical and financial resources will be evaluated. For the purpose of the study, the resource management techniques of Waitrose will be analysed for getting an insight of the company’s resource management. Waitrose is a UK based supermarket chain and retail division of Britain’s largest employee owned retailer John Lewis Partnership with headquarter in Berkshire. As per the reports of 2014, Waitrose currently has 317 stores across the UK including 30 Little Waitrose, making the retail based grocery superstore the sixth largest in the United Kingdom. The company also have the warrant of supplying groceries, wine and spirits to the royal family of Queen Elizabeth (, 2015). During the course of study, how Waitrose has been successful in identifying and managing its critical resources to ascertain smooth running of such well expanded business will be examined in details.Recruitment documentation may be defined as the system of filling up information related to personal, educational and working qualifications, required at the time of applying for a job. The process consists of collecting copies of application forms and all supporting document of the information provided from all individuals present in the panel and interested in applying for the particular job opening. Recruitment documentation ensures consistency, standardization and streamlining the recruitment process for the HR and administrative personnel of a company (Armstrong, 2006). Requirement for recruitment documentation varies according to companies and job profiles. For instance, for a job profile of Supermarket Assistance in Waitrose, the requirements specified by the company show

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