Business Case Study Review

-Hello- I am not asking for anything different than what is in the attached insturctions. All steps 1-5 were included in request where an action plan is step 5. Please compelte this and 2 days is fine I will fix the rest. The initial instruction: To read the case study and apply all of the steps as indicated on my attachment. You can use bullets but make sure all steps are answered for the McDonalds Seniors Case StudyI did answer all the steps 1-4 in bullet form for that is what you requested. Step 5 cannot be answered in bullet form so I assumed it was not part of the task. Furthermore your order consists of 4 pages only at 250 words a page. That would amount to a mere 1000 words. With this bullet answers, we have already covered 1498 words. We have exceeded the word limit by 498 words are not obliged to do any extra work for free. If you have completed the paper up to the initial instructions, please upload the same file to the order page and advise the Customer to place a new order. Or let us know for mow many extra pages we should charge him, if the additional work pertains to this paper5. No documents have been forwarded. All information is from observations of the Manager. Data on population of the town: number and ages- can be obtained from national statistics office if the town. data on average number of elderly that stay up to 3pm or mid afternoon can be recorded by the door guard.All information is from observations of the Manager hence it is a first hand account and very reliable. The source definitely has an interest in the case since she is the manager and it is her responsibility.8. The problem is urgent because the number of elderly staying for prolonged periods is increasing. The impact of other possible effects relative to this cannot be estimated at this time but immediate action is better than a singed reputation.9. The stakes are high. If the manager is unable to find a

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