Budget Proposal

(Womack, 2009)Indeed, it is justified to argue that performance of department is fairly lower than police agencies in other US states and cities. Our department does not have enough personnel as only fewer than 250 employees are on job against announced vacancies of 310. Hence, the police officials are unable to share various law enforcement responsibilities and fulfill their duties that are assigned by Department Head and state authorities. This in turn leads to extreme work overload over existing officers thereby resulting in mental stress and reduction in performance and efficiency. In addition, the employees’ morale has reduced because of comparatively low wages at Macon Police Department against other area departments including ‘Bibb County Sheriff’s Office and The Medical Center of Central Georgia’. Similarly, there are also fewer chances for officers to attain extrinsic financial rewards (bonuses, pay increase etc) and promotions. Together, these factors demotivate the police officers and compel to either switch their jobs or showcase low performance. Turnover rates may also increase in future if the above two factors are not rectified. (Womack, 2009)As far as internal efficiency of Macon Police is concerned, it should be pointed out that officers have been using old vehicles (that require immediate maintenance and repair) with out dated in-car cameras. Similarly, department also does not have any modernized computer equipments, information systems and technology that could help in record keeping of crimes, immediate information access and in crime investigation.In order to improve department’s overall performance in the light of above mentioned analysis of problems, there is dire need to improve job pay scale and employee promotional system so that officers’ morale, confidence and commitment with their job could be increased. As a result,

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