Biological Weapons and Bioterrorism

Nurses are one of the largest groups of health professionals and as such, form a major institution in their response against Bioterrorism. It is now the time for nurses to don the role of a Bioterrorism responder. Bioterrorism is come as a deep scar on the face of society. None can ever forget the September 11th attacks that killed thousands of innocent people. Nurses selflessly answered the call of duty and battle with the suffering people. It is during such moments of crisis, we need to have thoroughly skilled hands to meet or take up the challenge of the growing number of casualties and deaths. Hence it is exceptionally essential to have trained and especially skilled nurses to meet this criteria. Therefore it is inevitable that Nursing Bioterrorism Preparedness should be part and parcel of each and every qualified nurse. In its war against Bioterrorism, the United States has what is called a bio-weapons program whereby it denounces the use of any kind of deadly biological weapon and has stopped the production of dangerous toxin weapons. It has also now turned its focus towards giving quality training to nurses on how to face and handle Bioterrorism attacks.

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