BHS 328 B S Health Sciences Team Building (Mod 4 SLP)

When there is no effective communication then conflicts arises between people and we have to manage conflicts. Conflict resolution is the process by which an organization handles and resolves conflicts within the organization and within the organization and the community (Bill Warters 2000). There are various methods to manage conflicts:
In health care delivery, team working is very important because you have to coordinate each and every thing. If your work is not coordinated, then their will be less coherence amongst the employees and therefore everyone will be working with their own interest and with their own feasibility. For example in a hospital, when a doctor is doing an operation, he has to work with his colleagues as a team so that a successful operation is done. If for example if the doctor is not communicating with the nurses for example during the operation, then they might do some mistake in understanding the doctors orders and could lead to problems.
For resolution of conflicts, first of all you should have the skill to solve problems for example active listening, formulate the desired outcomes, identify the underlying interests and develop and analyze options. Your attitude should be such that it demonstrates knowledge of ethics of collaborative conflict resolution. You should be having the appropriate knowledge to solve conflicts. For example you should be having knowledge of cross cultural considerations when dealing with conflicts because a manager might have to deal differently with a western worker as compared to the south eastern (Bill Warters 2000).
Conflicts are handled differently with different types of people but responses to conflicts fall generally under four broad categories including attack, avoid, soften and resolve. It depends on the situation in which you are handling the conflict and you take decision according to that. For example if there is a conflict between the government and the masses and the masses are violently reacting, then the government will also have to take violent reaction in response to it to solve the conflict.
Suppose that I am the administrator in charge of oversight for an emergency unit at a hospital. A nurse administers the wrong medication dose to a patient. A second nurse wants to write-up the first nurse immediately. But I don’t think so that writing up to her at this stage is a good option to resolve the conflict. In this case it is an emergency situation and writing to her and then getting the reply will take a lot of time and during this time the patient’s life can be in danger. The second nurse should directly go to the first nurse and talk to her face to face and tell her that the dose which she gave to the patient

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