Beauty and the Beast

The focus in this paper is on ‘Beauty and the Beast’ as probably one of the most unforgettable theme songs in one of the greatest Disney classics of all time. The movie has been well loved and is, to put simply, an enchanting treat to audiences that have seen it. The movie has offered a potent combination of romance and enough wit to ensnare viewers young, old and the young at heart. The nomination for an Oscar nomination is indeed a testimony to this film’s quality. In a nutshell, the film is about a love story between a somewhat free-spirited country girl named Belle yearning to escape the humdrum provincial life. There she is constantly pursued by a good looking albeit ignorant suitor by the name of Gaston. However, as fate would have it and more so to put the love story in motion, Belle’s father got stuck in the woods and then captured by the feared Beast. Being the heroine of the story, she valiantly switched places with her father. Thus, the Beauty meets the Beast and the romance started though initially with a bit of distrust and a pinch of fear as Belle becomes somewhat a cross between a prisoner and a guest in the mystical mansion of Beast. There, she met even more strange things as there are different furniture that can speak. Interestingly though, these talking teapot, clock and candelabra became some sort of a bridge that connected the would be lovers. Slowly, the romance blossomed and after an altercation that nearly cost the Beast’s life, Belle’s true love for the otherwise hideous and feared creature broke the spell and out came a dashing prince. And, as the adage goes, they lived happily ever after. Main Body Barely even friends As mentioned, the two main characters were barely even friends when they met. In fact, since the presence of Belle in the Beast’s mansion or castle was merely the result of a prisoner swap, these two were even enemies. However, as love stories and animated features would have it, these two became lovers in the end. Technically though, that is quite a stretch which can be expected from such a feature. After all, it is s fairy tale. And where there’s fairy tale, there is magic. And, maybe, love do comes with a bit of magic. Also, love comes with a desire to change oneself though this can careen dangerously to the darker side or climb further up to be a better person for the one that you love. Minow (2007) recognizes the unique quality of this film which holds the distinction of being the first ever animated film to be nominated to the Oscars. It was a lovely movie and though the shift from enemies to friends seem predictable, the story still did justice to the viewers by portraying a changing and improving image of the characters that seemed to be the critical factor for their romance to become possible. The two characters, Belle and the Beast, were initially cast against each other though despite the presence of a persistent suitor, Belle was genuinely single and is therefore open to romance. Although the plot seemed obvious because of the title, the movie did its part in showing the development of the characters own selves before developing a love for each other. It would be prudent to note that the hideous form of the Beast was a punishment from an otherwise wayward prince. Also, it can be seen that the imprisonment of Belle was likewise a watershed event in her life that has opened up herself to be more caring and sensitive to other people. In fact, getting to know Beast in a deeper sense can only be the possible explanation for such a beauty to fall for the beast (Minow 2007). A Beastly Beauty in itself The film itself was a romance in the making. Berardinelli (1991) argues that it was the best animated movie that was ever made. However, he concedes that the Lion King was by far the highest grossing Disney film, the story and cinematography coupled with the astounding soundtrack and musical has pushed the movie to great heights.

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