Art and Its Importance

An art comprises of the main subject (image) and a background. The background sets a platform within which the image is established giving more meaning to the art.I have realized that a piece of art can help one identify an artists intention and thinking. It represents the artist mood and emotion at the time of painting. In addition to this, a piece of art can be used to describe characteristic feelings that are a subject of personal beliefs, culture, and factual declaration. In this case, a piece of art can be considered indicative, optative, injunctive, emphatic, potential, imperative or interrogatory.In the event when the artist applies different colors in an image, he is trying to associate these colors with different activities in our life. For instance, the blue color may be used to represent depression. the color may also act as a symbol of hope. Black colors are used to represent dark moments. For example, artists will use a black background in an image to signify death, hunger or accident.It is in no doubt that, art is a technique used by many artists to pass idea and information to people all over the world. Pieces of arts represent the artist’s feelings, emotions, and mood. Different type of colors applied in an image is associated with different events in our life. Bright colors are used to represent jovial moments while dark colors are usually to represent awful moments.Understanding various concept and principles in Gestalt would never have been complete without a clear understanding of the principle of figure/ground relationship. Therefore, I took a considerable amount of time trying to understand the idea behind this principle. In the course of the study, I discovered that the principle of Figure/Ground relationship suggests that any given visual image must have in place two features.

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