Argument for Google’s position in Author’s Guild lawsuit against Google

There are plenty of resources from where different stock quotes can be had, addresses can be found, phone numbers could be tracked, maps could be found out and news headlines can be checked upon. More than anything else, Google offers a Wireless Access Protocol (WAP) platform when the user is away from his computer and this links him easily with the Google services and different domains of which he is very fond of. The best thing about Google is that it is very easy to use and there are no manuals to understand what it is all about. Google’s utility has made it very common amongst teenagers, men and women. The best part about its expanding business is that word of mouth has played a huge role in its success and the advertising is literally negligible when word of mouth is compared with the same. This speaks of the affection and praise that the people, no matter how old they are or where they belong from, have for Google as a company.When it comes to Authors Guild, we find that their opinion is somewhat unsubstantiated and not backed up with the help of supporting facts and evidences. They have tried their hardest to keep Google away from the shores of book scanning and digitizing to millions of readers worldwide. What their point of view does is to present a gloomy picture of the thinking that the Authors Guild have and how they want to earn from each and every opportunity that comes their way. The basic objection to the digitizing and book scanning aspect is that Google makes use of these excerpts on its web pages which are filled with advertisements thus accounting to huge returns on the part of Google in the form of advertising revenues and marketing shares. There seems to be no other way than to adopt the advertising bandwagon since Google is a public domain in the present times more than anything else and any and everybody can copy, view and scan whatsoever he or she wants for their reading pleasure. The search engine does its best to make the

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