Are we getting overly dependant on technology

Are We Getting Overly Dependent on Technology? Insert Insert s The advancement of technology has been happening at a very fast pace and more so in the 21st century. Everyday technologist continually discovers new, fast, better and easier ways of carrying out ones’ day-to-day activities, thus making peoples’ lives easier. Technology did not just grow over night, but took much time to advance in the societies (Shenk 1997). I do support the argument that we are getting overly dependent on technology.
These days human being can do almost everything from the use of internet, mobile phones, computers and satellite at the comfort of the own. For this reason, people have become lazy to do go their work thus becoming obese. For an instant, a CEO who does not want to attend a meeting in the office, one can just conduct the meeting in their house by use of a webcam.
According to Shenk (1997), people have been so dependent on technology such that they cannot solve a simple calculation without the help of a calculator. The today’s children cannot write in good handwriting because they are used to just using a computer to write whatever they need. They do not have time even to learn to write cursive.
Computer and internet are not as perfect as people may think. There are some things these technological devices and media cannot teach (Shenk 1997). If the whole world were to lose power, some people would not be able to do some things. The world would stand still as individuals would have been used to technology doing their everyday activities.
Because of the continuous advancement of technology, the ultimate fear is that people will completely rely on technology to run their lives. However, people need to resist this temptation and try to learn some things traditionally.
David, S (1997). Data Smog: Surviving the Information Glut. New York: HarperCollins press.

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