Answer some questions around 300 words after read essay and watch video

Please use around 300 words to discuss some of the questions below after watch the short movie and read the essay. please have some subjective opinion.4 questions:1. How does Wal-Mart exemplify business practices under neoliberalism?2. Can a corporation that is legally responsible only to maximize profit for its owners truly be “socially responsible?”3. In the same vein can we solely blame Wal-Mart for its behaviour or do we have to look to how we are governed – the policy choices and legal frameworks we have decided (or tolerated) to live under?4. Regarding the Maclean’s article and the documentary; why do we expect poverty-level wages to be the norm among big box stores? Is there any inherent reason why service jobs should not pay a livable wage? Is operating a machine in a factory really that different than operating a cash register?screening: WAL-MART: THE HIGH COST OF LOW PRICE “Wal-Marts Sick Memo” Barbaro, Michael, Greenhouse, Steve. Our Times.( Toronto: Nov 2005. Vol. 24, Iss. 5)p. 7“Why Wal-Mart is Good” SteveMaich. Maclean’s. (Toronto: Jul 25, 2005) Vol.118, Iss. 30; pg. 26, 8 pgs

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