Analysis of the Present Situation of Palladium Doors Inc

Palladium Door, Inc. is one of the privately owned producers of different commercial and residential garage doors. In its product line, the company manufactures both insulated and non-insulated cables, steel garage doors, supplies, rollers, springs, and the side roller tracts. The company wanted to increase its sales by 36 percent in the year 2004. Robert Hawley, the director of sales amp. marketing, was concerned whether the present distribution strategy which was used by Palladium would be able to achieve the goal. Although the company has shown a steady growth from the past 10 years, the market share of Palladium was only 2.6 percent. The senior executives of the company were made to believe that this sales goal was justified and would help the company in attaining a large sales volume for the preservation of its buying position with the suppliers. During its growth period, Palladium has even exceeded the industry growth. Three new plans have been chosen for the achievement of the company’s goal. There are four different points of views related to marketing decisions. SWOT Analysis SWOT analysis will help to analyze various organizational issues (Mintzberg et al., 1998. Ansoff, 1965). It is a traditional method for making strategic plans (Dickson, 2002. Glaister amp. Falshaw, 1999). The SWOT analysis will help in selecting the best strategic option followed by the decision making after understanding the interrelationship between the company and its respective environment (Pahl amp. Richter, 2009. Ferrel amp. Hartline, 2010). Strengths 1. When Palladium was in its growth stage, it had a sales growth which was even higher than the industry growth. This is a significant strength of the company which has helped it to achieve a remarkable position in the market. 2. The company has a good partnership associated with exclusive dealers. The exclusive dealers are responsible for almost 70 percent of the company’s sales. This will help the company to achieve the targeted sales goal. 3. The company is one of the biggest steel door manufacturers.

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