Aircrew Fatigue in TransAtlantic Morning

In effect, the alertness level is greatly significant in the pilots and airline crews. This affects total performance for pilots and also for the trips. Fatigue Self –management strategies and reported in international pilots. This study focuses on the management strategies intended for pilots having long duration international flights crossing over time zones. Basically, there are participating pilots who responded their various strategies on how they manage air flight fatigue. There are various responses from pilots on how they overcome airline fatigue. Some strategies include napping prior to flight. Some include napping at the cockpit while on the flight. Accordingly, napping or taking a rest while on air during breaks can minimize their level of fatigue. Some pilots also use hypnotic medications on an occasional basis. The use of melatonin and other alternative medicines are also done by some pilots. The various strategies of pilots and airline crews are variable.Despite the good content of the products and services offered by the smaller companies, clients would be forced to access only the available services from the larger companies. However, critics of net neutrality argue that the popular market deserves a higher serving priority. Even though this is true to some extent, the internet service providers should allow the market forces to control the priority of content in the internet

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