Age of Responsibility

According to this Age of Responsibility Essay, people are entirely different from one another. People develop at different rates in terms of growth. Given the fact that each person is different from one another, they develop at their own pace. Thus it does not account as a result of the policy that sets the universal span for people to assume responsibilities in life.According to Greenblatt, it proves to be very difficult to make a solid age for responsibility since each one is different. With any time decided upon, it proves to be unfair for some people while acting as fine for other people. There is also the fact that there does not exist any upper limit when it comes to age for carrying out duties. There exists a massive population of older adults with fading minds, hence fail to recognize themselves and lack a close person to help them in identifying on their behalf.These categories of people fall under the same. They are more at peril in comparison to some individuals who fall under the recommended span of life since they cannot make sound decisions. There are high chances that individuals are under the influence of some type of medication or alcohol. Hence, it packs a difference between the older generation and the young one.Basing on science, women mature faster compared to men both mentally, physically, and emotionally. Does this basis mean that women should have a lower mature age of responsibility compared to men? This is false because the fact provides a general statement that bases on the analysis of a few people and are not representative of all mature people. Some women mature slowly while other men who mature faster while the rest is developing at a standard rate. Because of the individuality of people and the various factors affecting the growth and maturity, it complicates the nature of making a fair and reasonable year for people.With the average twentyone year olds have not undergone full growth and maturity. According to research, the brain of a twentyone olds isn’t yet fully developed. Basing on Jerry Madden, Texas State Representative, he reveals the sympathetic nature of the argument that is the brain isn’t fully developed until attaining 25. This is where people should be free to perform certain things. Medical practitioners also reveal that puberty remains intact until 25. Twentyone-year-olds become prone to making bad choices while maintaining a childish lifestyle.My cousin recently celebrated his twenty-first birthday in July. his daily routine includes laying around the house doing nothing but smoke marijuana and drink with some of his older cousins and uncles who have traded on the same path in life. This isn’t a presentation of a rare or any special case, however you view a similar pattern with most neighborhoods. With the prefrontal cortex of the brain, it allows for making essential executive decisions that have yet to develop with most people who are under twenty-five completely. Therefore, the individuals are incapable of making completely logical choices like older individuals, though it might seem logical at present. The average of the twentyone-year-old is incapable of making bright and executive decisions. Therefore, it becomes illogical to have a preferred year for responsibility at only twentyone like the older generation.Twentyone-year-olds have not earned the top spot of granting the full extent of respect to society that relates to that age. A significant majority of the rental car companies resist renting out cars to people who are under twenty-five. In case the rent one out to an individual under twenty-one years old, the charge extra fees. The choice of not renting out to people who fall under the age of twenty-five does not fall through without any reason going by the Association for Safe International Road Travel. The statistics show that close to 8,000 people who lose their lives in car crashed include underage drivers with the age range of 16-20. The age group usually isn’t undergoing the learning process of driving and hence make mistakes themselves or get injured. Each person deserves respect. however, some people need to get more respect or treatment as a result of their appearance, age, and other personal relationships with other people.Twentyone-year-olds make a bad impression due to their appearance and age. Most of these individuals are figuring out themselves and their lives. The more life experiences separate the older generation from the young one. The current age forms nothing more than just a random number. The choice for the specific age isn’t logical and even consistent with any of the previous milestone ages or any form of research. With the twentyone-year-olds, they should be bestowed with the respect and trust of the society in general because they are yet fully developed in the section of the brain, which matters most. There is no shortcut in becoming an adult or mature at a specific age. Therefore, they should tarnish the notion of the age of control, which is set at 21 for all individuals.

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