African American Study Terms

The miseducation of the Negro is a book that was authored by Dr. Carter G. Woodson. The core idea of the book was that African Americans of Dr. Woodson’s era were not being taught in American schools but were being conditioned and indoctrinated. He claimed that this caused them to become dependent and not seek greater things for themselves
Black Studies
Black studies are an interdisciplinary academic field dedicated to the study of the history, politics, and culture of Black Americans. If taken in a broader context, it also studies the culture of the entire African diaspora.
Sankofa is a word in the Akan language which is common in Ghana. It translates as “reach back and take it”. It is represented either by a bird with its head turned back or in the shape of a stylized heart. It’s often associated with the saying that it’s not wrong to go back and reclaim what you have forgotten.
Erasure is a novel by Percival Everett about race and writing. The novel’s plot is about how the publishing industry is biased towards African- American writers and at times criticizes them for not writing ‘black enough’.

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