Advocacy Plan

Advocacy Plan s)_____________________ Questions Your answers, ideas etc. On what health problem do you want to focus your advocacy plan?
The high infant mortality rates in Detroit
What are the causes of this health problem?
Women in the Detroit area do not receive sufficient education on how to carry pregnancies to full term.
Women lack the knowledge of how to take care of their newborn babies.
Parents are ill-equipped with the knowledge of how to take care of their babies during the first year.
What are the changes or outcomes you want to see?
I want to see all women in Detroit carry their pregnancies successfully till delivery. I am also eager to see parents, and in particular, first-time parents, care for their babies well and reduce the current infant mortality to near zero.
What other people and/or organizations could help out?
The city’s health department
The state’s health educators
City officials
Detroit Community Health Connection
Healthy Detroit
Community Health Awareness Group
What are the best ways to present your ideas to other people? Minimum of 3, including letter writing.
letter writing/email
press/media release
newspaper editorial
parent involvement
Outline your action plan:
Supplies needed
Task assignments
Supplies Needed
Computers, internet access, printer, letter size printing papers, large poster cards,
Task assignments
Four staff members of Community Health Awareness Group to help
20 colleagues to help in mailing and preparation of letters
20 colleagues to aid in distribution of posters
Healthy Detroit to provide means of making announcements to residents of the area
One member of the city’s health department to help reach the media
By October 30, 2015, secure permission and support from the local authorities
By November 15, inform parents and get their consent to attend and participate in the education program
By November 30, put posters, send mails, submit adverts to the press, and newspaper editorials
By December 20, hold about twelve educative meetings in various places around Detroit

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