About Helping Others

However, I felt that I had not achieved my full potential and I decided to pursue a degree in Law. After completing my Law degree, I was able to work with several voluntary organizations that helped me discover my passion for helping others. Presently, I work for a voluntary organization, Cocoa African Community Connection, which is located in Birmingham. My duties as a language interpreter and helping the refugees and victims of torture with immigration, housing, social and family issues has been an eye-opener into the kind of activities that I would like to engage in the future.
I have realized that I could make a significant impact on the lives of the refugees’ children by teaching French in the local Primary school. I am fluent in French, as it is my first language, therefore, ensuring that these kids have acquired the knowledge that will help them become self-sustaining. I have realized teaching French in the primary school will help many children to understand other cultures and enable them to communicate with others effectively. This will help them obtain better lives, thus contributing to a better world. I am able to work in teams, possess excellent planning and organizing skills, and I can work under intense pressure. This means that the children will be in capable hands, as I will work effectively to ensure that they obtain a quality education.

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