A Quote From the Book Of Mice and Men

Client’s 11 September Sometime in life we are left with very few options, many a time we are forced to choose between two equally bad options, Of Mice and Men is a novella which puts George in a very precarious position. George loses his best friend because he did not have enough means to support himself and his friend.
John Steinbeck wrote Of Mice and Men, the novella was published in the year 1937. John Steinbeck was a Noble Prize winner, Of Mice and Men is predominantly a tragedy. This paper will comprehensively dwell on the quote Never you mind. A guy got to sometimes. The real meaning and the implications of this particular quote will be shed light upon in this paper.
The narrator’s position should be agreed to. the same shall be justified in the following parts of this paper. Of Mice and Men came under intense scrutiny because blasphemous language has been repeated used in this tragedy. Slim and George, are two really important characters in this tragedy, Never you mind. A guy got to sometimes, was said by Slim to George, it means Slim is asking George not to feel guilty at all about what he has done. It is important to know the significance of the characters of Slim and George to be really able to understand this particular quote.
Many a time in life we have two really bad options to choose from and we decide to go with the option which would do less damage than the other. The relationship of George and Lennie is only understood properly by Slim in this tragedy, Slim is arguably the most important character of this tragedy. All the other characters treat Slim with great respect. he is a man of great qualities. Lennie is a mentally disabled person in the novella, he is completely unaware of his strengths and the same affects him in the long run.
The novella is special because each character has their own dreams and they chase their dreams, the same leads to several conflicts. It is very important to know that almost every character feels lonely in the novella, the bond between Lennie and George is strengthened only because of their respective loneliness. Loneliness becomes all the more conspicuous when the readers come across a town by the name Soledad which means solitude when translated from Spanish into English.
The bond between Lennie and George comes to an end when George fails to protect Lennie, George was perhaps the only character in the novella who was short of resources to survive the Great Depression, the novella also throws light upon the sufferings of the people during the Great Depression.
Never you mind. A guy got to sometimes. Was spoken by Slim, he knew that he needed to console George who had lost a companion in Lennie. George could not take proper care of Lennie and ended up losing him. Sometimes, you just gotta put Lennie out of his misery. And if youre a good friend, you do it quickly and mercifully. (Never You Mind)
To conclude it is very fair to say that Slim was arguably the most stable character in the novella, he knew he needed to console George because he had lost a great friend in Lennie and Slim did exactly the same. Sometimes we are forced to choose between two bad options and that is when our sagacity comes into play.

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