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The main focus of the market and product planning is, therefore, the consumers who form the target market which may be widespread (international) or centralized (confined to a specific geographic location. Consequently, for viability, the marketing mix hinges on the 4P components: Product, Price, Promotion, and Place. (Kotler, 2003).
Currently, the Russian marketplace is one with great potential for international investment given its natural physical and human resources, as well as political development of the last few years. As a result, this paper will focus on a market plan for entering this market with Australian gourmet wines, and the subsequent sections will address the different components of the mix as it applies to Russia.
Russia is a large country in terms of geography and population size with almost two-thirds of the population living in big cities far away from each other and surrounded by vast and little populated areas, often with poor transportation connections between these cities. Over the last decade, there has been some political stability and an improved standard of living with the passing of a new constitution and a selection of a new government. Notwithstanding, there continues to be widespread crime and corruption as well as deteriorated urban infrastructure.
In terms of businesses, although there are retailers and suppliers, these are fragmented, and the few chain stores are not under any organized umbrella. On the socio-economic front, whereas the greatest purchasing power of the society is concentrated among the minority who are business people living in large cities, pricing is a very important factor to all consumers. Those with limited purchasing power are mainly older citizens who are interested in the reliability and the quality of goods, especially in the health care sector. Despite this, the leisure preferences displayed currently are sport activities and eating out at restaurants, and for shopping, they prefer large&nbsp.centers.

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