A New Computer System for Staples

Primarily, it is needed for a widening of market operations to cover the world in scanning for opportunity and threat. The decision to enter markets outside the home country depends on a company’s resources, its managerial mindset, and the nature of opportunity and threat (Keegan, Green, 2003).
Marketing in diverse countries allows Staples to reach a wider target audience and take market share from an established competitor. Using the market research Staples can develop new products for existing markets or develop new products for new markets.
The advantage of product originality will allow Staples to create a strong international brand image. Brand loyalty will also be an important factor in increasing the costs for customers of switching the products of new competitors. Using an international market development strategy, Staples will capture a larger share of a market for current products through market saturation and market penetration. Taking into consideration the rapidly changing environment and customers expectations it is not enough to operate only on a national market. Global marketing will help Staples substantially increase the level of sales (Evans, et al 2004).
To get the message different types of media will be used in accordance with the particulate audience. Media selection will involve a choice between alternatives. Therefore, for maximum penetration, it may help to select primary (first choice) media that interlock or cross support each other. If deeper penetration into the same target market, for example, is required, then vertical advertising in the media that reach the same target market will be sought. For example, advertising on commercial television may be linked with advertising in the magazine that provides the programme schedules for viewers, or local radio advertising in an area may be accompanied by direct mail or press advertising.
Direct marketing refers to the marketing operations where company sale is made directly to the purchaser without any conventional distributors being involved. Direct marketing involves a number of different methods which can be used in order to reach, communicate, interest and encourage consumers to buy. The methods are direct response advertisements,&nbsp.direct mail and mail drops, personal (direct) selling.
Mail drops, on the other hand, are where the delivery of promotional literature to potential customers is undertaken by agents. It may involve posting through letterboxes, handing promotion literature out in the streets, or even placing literature under the windscreen wipers of cars. It can help a company reach a widely dispersed target market, present its message in a very personalized way addressing letters directly to potential buyers (Stone, 2001).
Advertisements will also be placed in the Press, on TV and radio and consumers will be encouraged to order directly by telephoning or writing to the supplier of the goods or by filling in a coupon which may be incorporated in a Press advertisement. ‘Off-the-page’ purchasing of this nature relies on impulse, and there is a need to present an attractive proposition. The advertisement used must be informative enough to enable Staples existing customers to make a decision to purchase. Alternatively, the advert may invite the potential customer to write in or phone for a catalogue or leaflet listing the full range of services.

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