A Letter of Intent for College Admission

Personal Essay Belonging to an immigrant family, I always carried within me a sense of purpose and focus. Certainly when my family emigrated from Brazil, life was not quite easy for us. We faced our share of hardships. But these hardships instead of taking a toll on my sense of resolve made me even grittier and focused. Since my childhood, I had this innate sense of focus and direction in my life. I always believed that I will be able to find my way to success and it is my conviction that my dreams can only get fulfilled if I commit myself to the purpose of lifelong education. I am 17 years old and when I arrived in the US I was 10. The one big problem I faced here was the handicap that I didn’t know English language. I found this to be a great social lacuna even at that young age. However, rather giving in to despair, I decided to teach myself this new language. No doubt, I tried hard and my parents do tell me that I ended up conversing in English, much earlier than any other person in the family. Today I love English language and do work hard to hone my communication skills in English. Since in the US most of the subjects are taught in English language, it is my firm belief that having a good command over English will certainly help me eke out a worthy and brilliant career for myself. One thing that really defines my personality is my love for football. Football is not for me a mere sport or a source of recreation, but rather it is my passion. I intend to seriously pursue this sport during my academic career. Football has endowed my character with a sense of sportsmanship. Thereby I approach each challenge in my life with a sportsperson like balance and poise and when the tough times or failure do come my way, I make myself understand that winning and losing are just two aspects of human life, and what one should always do is to give in one’s best to whatever one does. The other thing that I am proud is my sense of affiliation with the community in which I was raised. I deeply feel a sense of gratitude for the community in which I was brought and raised and have a firm conviction that once I make something out of myself, I will do my best to serve and help the people, who had been more than kind and affectionate towards me. I am a diehard optimist and do believe that a little stardust in the eyes kills nobody. I have a firm conviction that if I give in my hundred percent and keep on moving in the right direction, I will reach my destination safe and happy. Being an immigrant I know that life is not a bed of roses. Still, human persistence and hard work do always work wonders. I strongly believe that if I manage to get admission in this esteemed institution, it will go a long way in bolstering my career prospects.

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