A Letter of Admission for Colorado School of Mines

I have a desire to make educational and professional progress in the field of Petroleum Economics because of my huge interest in this field. I want to play a valuable role in the development of the Energy sector of my country by getting a degree from a renowned institute. Upon completing my graduation in May 2014, I intend to build my professional experience by working for energy/natural resources production or consulting firm for a few years preferably in a region like Central Asia (Kazakhstan), Russian, Europe, or North Africa. I also want to improve my knowledge of the Russian language. With my mind and ideas planned, I subsequently intend to make the knowledge of my education and professional experience readily available through a vertically integrated, environmentally friendly, and socially conscious business venture in the field of energy and natural resources. Another thing, which I would like to mention here, is that I have the ability to contribute to the educational experience of other students. Some of my core strengths and abilities include:I have served as a logistics specialist for the United States Navy. My job responsibilities included purchasing, storing, and distributing daily supply needs of all ships and submarines present within our pacific battleground. The logistical needs ranged from food substances and payroll to the purchasing and storage for fuel from suppliers and the eventual distribution of this fuel to other ships.Now I would like to highlight my academic deficiencies. After I got admission to the University of Texas at Austin (UT) in 2006, I had no choice but to get a part-time job to manage my educational costs and my grandparents’ legal and medical bills. A few months prior, my grandmother and father moved from our country of birth to the United States because of the civil war in our country. To prevent my grandmother from being sent back, my father had to hire an attorney to be intervened on her behalf and to get legal status in the United States.

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